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MegaSource 100 A

High power X-ray source for industrial applications

MegaSource 100 A

    A high power X-ray source ideally suited for use in industrial CT and in general in high throughput non-destructive testing: MegaSource.
    The high continuous power of 2.9 kW in combination with the high framerate and a pulse power of up to 100 kW enables efficient solutions for industrial quality testing. 

    The MegaSource package comprises the high voltage generator GEN A100, the X-ray tube assembly MEGALIX Cat Plus 125 / 40 / 90, the interface board, as well as the required accessories.

    These components and configurations are not finished devices. Compliance with all laws and regulations that are applicable to finished devices is the responsibility of the assembler / manufacturer of the finished device.

    The product/feature (mentioned herein) is not commercially available. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

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