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High Quality for Dental and Industrial CT

CERA benefits at a glance

The cone-beam CT imaging software CERA makes no compromise when it comes to high performance, excellent image quality, easy integration, and flexible application.

CERA – A holistic approach to high quality CT imaging
CERA – A holistic approach to high quality CT imaging


High performance algorithms and scalable hardware acceleration
Efficient implementations of innovative algorithms, optimized for the latest acceleration hardware, support short reconstruction and image processing times.
Moreover, the performance is scalable, as the compute intensive back projection can be run in parallel on multiple GPUs. 

Excellent image quality and sophisticated CT artifact reduction
Metal artifacts, cone-beam artifacts, ring artifacts, beam hardening, and geometry misalignments impair the CT image quality. CERA's innovative algorithms help to significantly reduce these image artifacts.
Indeed, CERA is designed for excellent image quality from A to Z and thus contributes to best-in-class performance of our customers’ CT application software. 

Flexible application in dental and industrial CT
The modular CERA software and its flexible API enable tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions in dental and industrial CT applications alike. Indeed, CERA supports virtually any scan trajectory (e.g. circular short scan, circle+line, circle+arc, helix, ellipse, circular or linear tomosynthesis, or sparse AXI projection setups) and offers an extensive feature set for image pre-processing and volume post-processing. 

Easy use & integration into customer software
The easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) and our professional product support minimize the efforts for integrating CERA in customer CT application software. 

CERA XPlorer – An efficient GUI for visual CT inspection in NDT
CERA XPlorer – the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for visual CT analysis – supports efficient inspection of PCBs, electronics, castings, composites and other industrial samples in non-destructive testing (NDT).

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